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Color Gallery
Granite colors are often categorized in groups.   These groups are determined solely by StoneMasters and are typically based on the raw material cost of the granite itself.  StoneMasters chooses to label granite groups with the letters "A" through "E" (Please see examples below). "A" group colors are less expensive, while "E" group granite colors will be more expensive.  Please note that these groups are not an indication of the quality of the stone, only the cost of the stone to StoneMasters.  

Below you will find the contact information for three local granite slab distributors.  Each should have a StoneMasters color group chart on hand for your use/review and you are welcome to visit any or all of them in search of your stone.  If you feel as though you may need assistance upon your visit, it is highly recommended that you contact the distributor in advance and make an appointment.  

Note: For various reasons (i.e. cost, availability, turnover, etc.), all colors may not be listed in StoneMasters color group charts.  Please make note of those colors not listed and contact your StoneMasters professional for further assistance.

Midwest Tile, Marble and Granite
13259 Centennial Rd
LaVista, NE 68138

Toll Free: 800-818-6813
Phone: 402-331-3800
Fax: 402-593-7529

Universal Granite and Marble (U.G.M)
6950 S 108th Street
Lavista, NE 68128 

Phone: 402-597-8971
Fax: 402-597-8529

Brazilian Consortium of Stone (B.C.S.)
12900 I St.
Omaha, NE 68110
Phone: (402) 453-4383


   (A) Almond Mauve

   (A) Bainbrook Brown

   (A) Tan Brown    

  (A) Uba Tuba

      (B) Baltic Brown

   (B) Giallo Ornamental

   (B) Saphire Blue

   (B) New Venetian Gold

   (C) Baltic Green

   (C) Giallo Veneziano

   (C) Juparana Colombo

   (C) Sahara Gold

   (D) Amazon Star

   (D) Angola Black

   (D) Brown Pearl

    (D) Marron Castor

   (E) Blue Eyes

   (E) Blue Pearl

   (E) Golden Wave

  (E) Volga Blue

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