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      Stainless Steel

Zampina sinks are made of premium stainless steel, and manufactured with the highest standards in the market today. You will find them to be equal and in most cases superior to any sink within its class. All Zampina sinks (except for ZA sinks) are protected with NOBAC, assuring an added level of protection from microbes, such as bacteria, mold and mildew and mitigates VOC (Volatile organic compounds). The sinks listed below are all 18 gauge Stainless Steel.   (


Model #Z-100                                   Model #Z-200                                         Model #3221     

sinks by Blanco

SILGRANIT® sinks feature the touch and feel of natural stone. Unlike cast iron and soft composite materials, SILGRANIT® combines the best performing ingredients to produce kitchen sinks that are durable, stain resistant and easy-to-clean.

SILGRANIT® contains 80% natural granite, mixed with acrylic resin, which gives the sink its resilience and ability to be molded into striking designs.  (


                             Model #511-710                                Model #511-704                             Model #511-707                              


Ceramic Vanity sinks by Artisan

The following vanity bowls by Eclipse are immediately available in both white and bisque.




                                          Model #183                                                               Model #193                             





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