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 In the Omaha metropolitan area, we are fortunate to have four nationally recognized distributors of stone materials. Each displays a wide variety of marble, granite, man-made quartz, and other materials that can be used for counter tops in your home.  

Below you will find the contact information for these wholesale slab distributors.  They provide raw slab materials only and ultimately do not determine the cost of your fabricated counter tops.  This will be solely determined by your fabricator, so we would kindly ask that you do not solicit pricing from any of the distributors or its representatives.  

Upon your visit to any or all of these venues, you will be asked to provide the name of your stone fabricator and to complete a stone selection sheet.  This sheet will be forwarded to your fabricator for bidding purposes at your request.  

Midwest Tile, Marble and Granite (Omaha Location)
13259 Centennial Rd
LaVista, NE 68138

Phone: 402-331-3800
Fax: 402-593-7529
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 7:30a.m.-4:30p.m.; Saturday, 9a.m.-Noon

Universal Granite and Marble (U.G.M)
9959 F St.
Omaha, NE  68138

Phone: 402-597-8971
Fax: 402-597-8529
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-4:30p.m.; Saturday, 8a.m.-Noon

Brazilian Consortium of Stone (B.C.S.)
12900 I St.
Omaha, NE 68110
Phone: (402) 453-4383 
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m.; Saturday, 9a.m.-1p.m.

Unique Stone Concepts
13436 Industrial Road
Omaha, NE  68137
Phone: 402-609-7585
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m; Saturday, 9a.m.-1p.m.

StoneMasters, Inc., proudly maintains wonderful working relationships with each of these local distributors and does not endorse one facility over another.  The ultimate goal is for all customers to find exactly what is suitable for their needs, wishes, and desires.  
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