Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

Will my granite counter tops have a seam?

A: There are several variables which will determine whether or not your granite counter tops will have one or more seams. Most notably are the layout of your kitchen and size of the slabs you choose. Your StoneMaster specialist will be sure to discuss your options with you upon their initial visit.  

What option do I have for my granite counter top edges?
A: Unlike most fabricators, StoneMasters gives our customers a choice of three standard edge profiles at no additional cost. Other options are available upon request and can be seen by clicking on the "Edge Profile" tab on our website homepage.
How do I clean my new granite counter tops?
A: StoneMasters suggests cleaning your granite countetops with a pH neutral balanced cleaner or mild dishwashing soap and water. Other cleaning tips can be found on the "Product Care" tab on our website homepage.
How often do I need to seal my granite counter tops?
Your counter tops will be sealed by StoneMasters prior to installation. How often you seal them after that is up to the homeowner, but for high traffic areas once a year should be sufficient.  

Q: Once I place an order, how long will it take before the scheduled installation?
A:  In most instances, StoneMasters will have your fabricated tops installed no longer than two weeks after your scheduled template date.

How long does it take for installation?
A: Each installation is unique but a typical installation should take 2-4 hours.

Q: Who is responsible for demo and moving appliances?
A: Removal of existing counter tops and moving large appliances is not included in the scope of work or cost to complete your project. We would, however, be pleased to list these services as optional and at your request.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for templating?
A: At the time of templating, we would kindly ask that your existing counter tops or cabinets be clear for proper access. We would also ask that you have your new sink and faucet (if applicable) on site and that you have made a decision on the type of edge profile to be used.

Q: How many color options will I have in granite?
A: There are literally hundreds of granite color choices available to you. Your StoneMasters representative and our granite wholesale partners would be pleased to assist you with your granite selection upon request.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for installation?
A: Please ensure that you create a clear path to the installation area; remove drawers, cover items left in cabinets, disconnect and remove appliances (if applicable) from the installation area.

Q: What back splash options do I have?
A: There are an infinite number of options for your back splash of which the most common are tile, slab granite or none at all. 

Q: Can you recommend someone for the plumbing, electrical and tile (backsplash)?
A: StoneMasters has created an extensive network of trade partners in the construction industry and would be pleased to provide contact information upon request.

Q: How thick will my counter tops be?
Granite slabs are typically cut in 2cm (approx. 3/4") and 3cm (approx. 1 3/16") thickness. Either option is suitable for use in the fabrication of counter tops but StoneMasters chooses to use 3cm slab material in most cases. 

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